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Owners - Jamie & Chef Kevin Williams
JR Sunrise.jpg
From his humble beginnings in White Sulphur Springs and attending Culinary School in PA, Kevin carried the dream of owning a restaurant throughout his career via Pittsburgh’s fine dining restaurants and the Greenbrier Hotel. While the guests of The Market on Courthouse Square in Hinton, WV, will miss his culinary talent, the regulars and soon-to-be regulars cheer the classic diner fare with a twist Kevin now serves up at JIMMIES. Elvis himself would choose the Grilled Peanut Butter and Bananas sandwich, and you haven’t lived until you tried the French Toast Bread Pudding with candied bacon, caramel nuts, and whipped cream from our brunch menu. In the vein of Happy Days, the signature burgers and classic milkshakes will have you echo Wolfman Jack and the Big Bopper. Kevin and Jamie Hall and their staff aim to make you feel welcome, like you’re family. We also care about our fellow small business owners of downtown Princeton and hope that - after a revitalizing meal - you will explore the offerings and services of fellow Mercer Street entrepreneurs. JIMMIES RESTAURANT celebrates its centennial in 2022, and the best things in life are those we share - so come on down to JIMMIES and break bread with strangers and soon-to-be friends.
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